Reply to ‘Tracklisting for No Gravity Revealed’

Before I carry on with more fun blog posts, I would like to thank everyone for the support regarding my last blog post regarding the confirmed track listing for ‘No Gravity’ – a special thanks to ShontelleOnline and everyone in the Twarmy. It seems as though many fans share my view which is why I think we need an extra push to try and get SRP to take note so that they know how to improve in the future. It has come to my attention that it would now be IMPOSSIBLE to try and get them to change it but I would really appreciate it if everyone tweeted @srprecords and sent them the link! Perhaps this might affect the track listing of the deluxe edition…

By the way.. I was thinking last night.. ‘You Don’t Have The Right’ will probably end up on Beyonce’s album next year v_v

 You may send your emails to and your tweets to @123noyam for further information or suggestions


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