MileyBird Can’t Be Tamed

Now from a disastrous comeback to a beautiful reinvention! Surprisingly, from ex-Disney star Miley Cyrus!! Everyone thought that her transition from a child star to an adult star would just result in her becoming a total sleazebag but the way she’s approached this has worked really well. When everyone first saw the cover of her new album, also called ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ with Miley basically copying Britney’s cover of ‘Greatest Hits: My Perogative’, they all pretty much prepared for the worst. Then, the lead single leaked online which at first sounded just like Britney’s ‘If U Seek Amy’, making everyone think Miley was just here to take the place of Britney Spears who probably never made her way out of Starbucks.. -.-

However, Miley blew us away at 123noyam HQ with her video for ‘Can’t Be Tamed’. It was classy yet sexy at the same time, maintaining appropriateness for her old target audience -pre-teens. The video has Miley dressed up as a bird in a cage, escaping in a museum to dance around with her avian-style dancers. The mise-en-scene of the video actually makes it 1000x more epic and her team did a really great job. The live performances also proved her strong vocals on shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and Dancing With The Stars. She even managed to stir up a bit of controversy by pecking one of female dancers on the face which is always a good thing, and her performance at G-A-Y in London opened up a market for her!

I’m usually not one to compliment Smiley Virus but she’s done very well this time and I hope she doesn’t quit music. O: Here’s ‘Can’t Be Tamed.’ Watch it in HD.. So much more epic!


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