Impossible Video Nearly Here

OMG DUUUUUUDES! Shon’s just dropped a sneaky preview of her new video ‘Impossible’ which will be the lead single from the sophomore album ‘No Gravity’ in the USA! The video looks sooooooo hawt! Glad she has a ‘shout it from the rooftops’ scene like I spammed her Twitter about XD

The video seems like its about a relationship in which they’re always busy and occupied with other necessities to find time for looooove X__X And there are lots of scenes and lots of sexy costumes which is always a bonus

Also, I think I saw her wearing the T-Shirt from her first solo video ‘T-Shirt’… Y’all know how much I heart previous video references!

Anyways this video is gonna be hawwwwwwwwt stuff and will defo storm the charts as soon as it reaches Blighty! The video will release for all you beautiful people tomorrow! And don’t you worry Imma be alllll over it 😉

If you want to cringe at my alt cover of the song, feel free 🙂 ❤

And buy the CD ‘No Gravity’ when it releases because as Shon said, you’ll listen to it and think ‘FYL’ XD Check out the preview down there…!

 + Follow @Shontelle_Layne and @AliZahoor on Twitter if you’re cool! 😉



2 Responses to “Impossible Video Nearly Here”

  1. Mmm your alternate cover is HOT.

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