Beyonce + Alicia Keys = OMG

Wow. Alicia Keys and Beyonce recorded a track for Alicia’s latest album, which has quite a buff name ‘The Element of Freedom’
The song is called ‘Put It In A Love Song’ and it’s pretty FIERCE!
The intro is soooo epic! It starts with this:
Alicia: Hey yo B!
Beyonce: Whaddap A!
Alicia: What we want?
Beyonce: Want them to say!
Both: Say you love me, Say you love me etc.
To be honest, the song was slightly disappointing after the first listen as it sounds strangely like a backing track O.o
However, after a few more listens, it sounds so fantastico ~*__*~
It does sound more like a Beyonce/Sasha Fierce song than an Alicia Keys song though!
I’m sooo glad this has been released as a single!
The video is currently being made in BRAZIL!!!!!!!!
Beyonce is on tour there so she’s taken a few days out to film this hot looking new video
It looks like its gonna be amazing and I can’t wait
I shall keep y’all updated and show you the video ASAP!
(I haven’t forgotten about Rude Boy or Telephone.. They just haven’t released yet)
Keep it #123noyam 😉

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