Come on Rude Boy Boy

Here are some buff new pics from Rihanna’s new video for ‘Rude Boy’
Its gonna be the 3rd single from the amazing comeback album ‘Rated R’ after ‘Russian Roulette’ and the US only ‘Hard’
I guess you could say its the 4th single if you take ‘Wait Your Turn’ into account – the promo single
The song ‘Rude Boy’ is pretty good and slightly catchy but in my opinion, the chorus is quite weak and just gets a bit repeative after a while..
Obviously its about C**** B**** and a Big.. or should I say small problem about him 😉
This video looks like its gonna be another outstanding one
You can’t go wrong in a black&white skinsuit on a zebra covered in balloons ~*__*~
Her recent videos have actually been soooooo fantastico!
If ‘Rude Boy’ is gonna be anywhere near as fierce as ‘Hard’ I’m happy 😀
In fact, it’s quite a shame, ‘Hard’ wasn’t released internationally.. It’s defo the strongest song on the album and the video is actually Rigasmic!
Anyways.. The ‘Rude Boy’ video will be released this Thursday! I’ll be sure to show y’all ASAP!
Thanks to RihannaDaily,RihannaNow, and @KedrewBrent for the info + pics!

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