Caught In A Bad Romance

I can’t get enough of this tune
Ra Ra Ooh La La
She began shooting the video yesterday 🙂
If the video is anywhere near as good as Paparazzi, I’m happy…
Anyways, you may have noticed my visit counter on the right sidebar
Its quite buff and you can visually see how popular I am 😉
Also, I’m thinking of starting 1 or 2 new blogs…
Maybe one with news (not about blonde female singers)
And maybe one about my personal life?

If you are reading this, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease comment and tell me what you think
And I will do exactly what you tell me to

Love always ❤ x


2 Responses to “Caught In A Bad Romance”

  1. Haha, hey Ali.I'm looking forward to Lady G's new vid too.She always has something MEGA up her sleeve.Toodle-pip.-JJ

  2. HeyyThanks for the comment!I can't wait!I shall probably upload it onto the blog as soon as it is released! :)Ali

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