123noyam Top 50 Singles of 2010 (50 – 41)

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Time for a long post where I really hope my internet doesn’t disconnect or something!!

I am going to countdown 50 singles released in 2010, based on both my opinion and the general public and sales.. Feel free to burn/applaud/retweet/slate as you wish 🙂

50. Higher – The Saturdays (feat. Flo-Rida)

Starting off the list at #50 is The Saturdays’ single ‘Higher’ featuring Flo-Rida. The song was initially a track on their terrible album ‘Headlines’ without the Floridian rapper’s verse and intro. This is probably the first single since ‘Issues’ that I haven’t hated so well done to Frankie, Mollie, Una, Vanessa, and Rochelle. Also, the addition of Flo-Rida into the video is pretty amazing so well done to who ever edited that in!! This is a great song for a bit of hairbrush singing and dancing through Sesame Street as the girls seem to do in the video. Unfortunately, the theory that this collaboration would inevitably be a #1 single was WRONG due to the fact that this was not the first single.. That was left to the dreadful ‘Missing You’.

49. Like Boom – Vita Chambers

It’s Vitaaaaaaaaa Chambers!! She’s been 123noyam’s little protégé of 2010 due to her quirkiness, amazing voice and Bajan charm! She released her ‘The Get Go’ EP at the beginning of the year and it all went uphill for her from there.. She was chosen by Justin Bieber to support him for a leg on the My Worlds tour which involved a MASSIVE show at Madison Square Gardens and she also beat him at a bit of segway racing! ‘Like Boom’ was a standout track from the EP and a cute video was made which involved Miss Chambers popping lots of balloons! This song was even Nickelodeon’s Summer anthem for loads of their adverts. I know Vita’s going to have an amazing 2011, especially after her recording session with top producer Darkchild! It’s like boom!!

48. Starry Eyed – Ellie Goulding

Now, Ellie Goulding was setined to have a good year after being chosen as the Brits Critics’ Choice. ‘Starry Eyed’ was the lead single from her debut album ‘Lights’ and I can’t help but think this was rather misleading as to what the album was going to be like. Someone who listened to ‘Starry Eyed’ would assume the album would be full of dance/pop/electronic hits. However, instead we got songs like ‘The Writer’ which were painfully slow and difficult to listen to. Nevertheless, this song was a fun one to listen to and do weird hand movements like Ellie does in the video 😀

47. Raise Your Glass – P!nk

Unfortunately, P!nk has been rather absent from 2010 after taking a brief hiatus after her mega ‘Funhouse’ tour and stealing the show at the 2010 Grammy Awards! Fortunately, however, she came back at the end of the year with a greatest hits album and mega anthem ‘Raise Your Glass’ all about being yourself and not giving a f*ck about what anyone else thinks!! Also, she includes some of her hilarious ad-libs and guitar impressions! Max Martin definitely did a good job with the production of this song and P!nk’s vocals are as always flawless! Even though the video was a bit of a let down, this song is one I’m sure a lot of people will be chanting down the streets as the new year comes in!

46. Just Be Good To Green – Professor Green (feat. Lily Allen)

Here’s a bit of an OMG SHOCK HORROR addition to the list but in my opinion, any song that can take Lily Allen out of retirement deserves a bit of attention. Even though this is definitely not as good as ‘Just Be Good To Me’ by The SOS Band, Pro Green’s verses are pretty impressive and enjoyable to listen to. The thing that makes the song though is Lily Allen’s chorus and we all know how much I am in love with her mockney accent and if she doesn’t un-retire soon, plates will be smashed!!

45. Right thru Me – Nicki Minaj

Here’s a fun one! A nice rap/ballad with the word ‘sh*t’ mentioned an amazing amount of times. Nicki Minaj definitely deserves recognition as the best new artist this year due to her featuring on like every song on Billboard this year. This track from the amazing ‘Pink Friday’ shows off Nicki’s vulnerable side but probably not as much as ‘Save Me’ which would have been a better choice of single but Mizz Minaj knows what she’s on about so yeah.. The emotion in her voice is definitely present which is something I like in a song so congratulations to Onika Maraj!

44. The Way You Love Me – Keri Hilson (feat. Rick Ross)

Okay. Please watch the video to this song first and then come back………….. I KNOW!! WTF HAPPENED TO KERI HILSON!?!?!?! This was definitely one of those WTF moments of 2010.. Keri Hilson basically just told the world she wanted to be ‘f*cked’ and that she has ‘the kinda p*ssy that will keep you off the streets’. I’m not 100% sure whether or not this is officially a single but it’s an amazing record despite the amount of sex shoved into this. Listening to this track after ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ on the album is pretty hilarious. I didn’t know she had it in her.

43. One – Sky Ferreira

So I guess we were all expecting massive things from Sky Ferreira this year as she has spent the past 4 years making this album due for release early next year but unfortunately she did not acheive the commercial success her label was hoping for. ‘One’ was released as her first European single and unfortunately didn’t manage to break the UK Top 40 despite promo and decent airplay but at least they should know what to do next time!! Best of luck to Sky Ferreira and her team for next year!

42. Get Outta My Way – Kylie Minogue

Guess who’s back? Kylie’s back. Back again! This year Kylie Minogue tried her best to break America again with this single off the new dance album ‘Aphrodite’ with heap loads of performances on various shows but unfortunately, she didn’t quite manage the success she got last time around. In the UK, it was a similar story as ‘Get Outta My Way’ didn’t do nearly as well as first single ‘All The Lovers’ despite being far superior. This powerful dance song is definitely one that got everyone off their seats and dancing and Kylie can’t go wrong when she produces a song that’s being used and abused in the clubs!

41. The Only Excpetion – Paramore

I am going to call this Paramore’s first single post-Airplanes and probably the reason they went from a 5-piece to a 3-piece. This song bagged the emopop band a performance at the VMAs and even a Glee cover but most importantly, international recognition… or at least it got Hayley Williams (lead singer) international recognition. I understand where many people are coming from when they say this is more of a Hayley song than a Paramore song but it’s still quite lovely. The vocals are beautiful and so are the lyrics. However, I can definitely see Miss Williams going solo soon and in a more pop direction. Sorry guys!!



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OMG! So basically.. Loads of interesting stuff has happened with Britney since we last spoke…

She’s releasing her next studio album in March 2011!!

She’s NOT getting beating up by her man Jason!!

She wants you to kiss her lily white Louisiana ass!!


……..and it seems as thought that’s all folks!

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!

Duffy’s a toughie

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Duffy is back!!

The Welsh marmite-like singer will soon be releasing the follow-up to her amazing debut album ‘Rockferry’ which was critically acclaimed in bothe the UK and the States! I say marmite-like because even though her songs are terribly catchy and her strong accent is sometimes rather irresistable, her voice can get slightly annoying after a while and some of her songs did sound too similar. Nevertheless, I’m glad she’s back 🙂

Her latest single is called ‘Well Well Well’ and well, well, well… It’s pretty darn good! It’s no ‘Mercy’ but I can’t stop singing it over and over again!! Check it out and tell @123noyam what you think.. And no, this song is not about whales!!!

Also.. Cee Lo Green has just released some preview clips from the tracks on his upcoming album ‘The Lady Killer’. One standout track is ‘Please’ with a featuring female vocalist which sounds rather like the Duffster! It’s a rather surprising collaboration, but on second thoughts, they really work well together. I hope it is her…. I’d look really stupid if it isn’t 😦

Love The Way You Lie – PART 2!!!

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Yes. It’s really happening.

Eminem & Rihanna are teaming up again to record a sequel to their massive, controversial, bloody brilliant smash hit ‘Love The Way You Lie’

The Alex Da Kid-produced song will be appearing on Rihanna’s upcoming album ‘Loud’ which 123noyam cannot wait for! It is likely that the song will not feature any new offerings from Eminem but Rih will be recording more vocals. Also, just to get you even more wet with excitement, here’s a sneak preview of Rihanna’s lyrics:

“Even angels have their wing cut schemes, and you take that to new extremes, but you will always be my hero, even though you lost your mind.”

This is maaad! ‘Loud’ will be THE album of the year. With contributions from Shontelle, Drake, Taio Cruz, Ester Dean, Nicki Minaj, Sean Garett, Ne-Yo, Timbaland, David Guetta, and now Eminem, this will be something to look forward to!

Nicki, how do you do that ish?

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So let me get this straight… Now she’s the rookie?

But her features and her shows’ ten times your pay

50k for a verse, no album out

Yeah her money’s so tall that her Barbies gotta climb it

Hotter than a Middle Eastern Climate

Yeah.. Y’all know who it is… The rap scene’s hottest property – Nicki Minaj

And she has a new single out!! Well 2 really… Even more yays! Let’s just say she’s got a LOT to follow up with when she releases her DEBUT ALBUM ‘Pink Friday’ later this year

One single is a joint venture with Will.I.Am and is like a more upbeat version of ‘Your Love’ and samples ‘Video Killed The Radiostar’. It’s called ‘Check It Out’ and you should do exactly what the title says!! She has already performed it at the VMAs opening but I doubt it will fare much better in the UK than ‘Your Love’ did… I still don’t understand why no one in england gets her… but everyone seems to love X Factor’s Cher Lloyd who is trying her level best (and failing) to copy Nicki.. But yeah… Check it out. Check it out. Check it out. Check it out.

And… the 3rd single from ‘Pink Friday’ is called ‘Right Thru Me’. In my opinion, it is miles better than ‘Massive Attack’ and dare I say it, better than ‘Your Love’! It has a very vintage sound but with a modern twist. Her singing sounds very sweet on this track and the beat is way too catchy. Seriously, you’ll be singing the autotuned chorus over and over again!! You see riiiiight thru me.. How do you do that sh*t?

Reply to ‘Tracklisting for No Gravity Revealed’

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Before I carry on with more fun blog posts, I would like to thank everyone for the support regarding my last blog post regarding the confirmed track listing for ‘No Gravity’ – a special thanks to ShontelleOnline and everyone in the Twarmy. It seems as though many fans share my view which is why I think we need an extra push to try and get SRP to take note so that they know how to improve in the future. It has come to my attention that it would now be IMPOSSIBLE to try and get them to change it but I would really appreciate it if everyone tweeted @srprecords and sent them the link! Perhaps this might affect the track listing of the deluxe edition…

By the way.. I was thinking last night.. ‘You Don’t Have The Right’ will probably end up on Beyonce’s album next year v_v

 You may send your emails to 123noyam@gmail.com and your tweets to @123noyam for further information or suggestions

Tracklisting for No Gravity revealed

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FINALLY!! After heaps and heaps of speculation, the final tracklisting for Shontelle’s album ‘No Gravity’ has been revealed by official fansite ShontelleOnline.

It can now be said that the songs featured on Shontelle’s sophomore album titled ‘No Gravity’ will be as follows:

1. Perfect Nightmare (feat. ???)

2. Impossible

3. No Gravity

4. Take Ova (feat. Pitbull)

5. Say Hello To Goodbye

6. DJ Made Me Do It (feat. Asher Roth)

7. Love Shop

8. Helpless

9. Kiss You Up

10. T-Shirt (Radio Killa Remix)

Okay.. Now from this list, just to clarify, we have already heard: Perfect Nightmare, Impossible, No Gravity, Say Hello To Goodbye, DJ Made Me Do It (solo), Love Shop, and T-Shirt (from Shontelligence) which totals to 7 meaning that it won’t be much of surprise when the CD drops in the US next week but still, I’m sure all of y’all can’t wait to hear how it all sounds together!

I, for one, would like to say that I’m glad that Darkchild-produced Perfect Nightmare (the 2nd single) has been chosen as the first track on the album as it really sums up the mood of the album. Even though, the intro is not as strong and memorable as Impossible, it still fools the listener into thinking that the song is another powerful ballad until the dancefloor-filling chants explode into the song and remain constant throughout, providing a beat for all the ravers to be whipping their hair to! Like this song, the album cannot be defined with a particular label or genre as there is a mix of pretty much everything you could wish for in a chart album. It really shows off Shontelle’s versatility as a singer/songwriter which was previously demonstrated in the debut ‘Shontelligence’ – something utterly different to ‘No Gravity’ all together. As of yet, it is unknown whether or not the album version of Perfect Nightmare will have a mystery male guest feature, rumored to be Akon or Pitbull

Of course, I don’t need to tell y’all about the power ballad Impossible which caused the better-than-ever comeback of Shontelle but I reckon it should be noted that since we last met, Impossible has been certified PLATINUM in the USA and is currently at #9 on the UK iTunes chart and rapidly climbing even though most of the UK airplay is coming from the dubious Jonas Jerberg remix..

The title-track No Gravity is a song similar to the latter half of Perfect Nightmare in the sense that it is an upbeat club-ready tune. Lyrically, it is about an amazing, out of this world relationship with lots of space imagery. The lyrics by the way were written by Shon herself! Shontelle revealed that the title of the album was decided because she wanted the record to be free from limitations with no boundaries! That it is m’dear

Say Hello To Goodbye and DJ Made Me Do It were two tracks earlier leaked on Shontelle’s official myspace page to build up more buzz, and they couldn’t be more different. Say Hello To Goodbye is another song penned by Shontelle which is lyrical genius. It’s a softer ballad than the others and you can really feel the emotion and heartbreak in her voice. DJ Made Me Do It was produced with the help of rising star Bruno Mars and is rumored to be featuring labelmate Asher Roth, perhaps in a bid to try and get his career up and running again! I have a feeling this collaboration will be HOT so listen out for it.. One of my personal favourites!

Love Shop was also leaked earlier this year officially. It has quite airy sounds and isn’t as hard hitting as other tracks but it is a sexy, feel-good song that makes you smile sweetly despite the potentially ‘naughty’ metaphors. One of the unreleased tracks entitled Take Ova is whipping up a bit of a storm online from its 30-second preview which sounds like hot property. It’s sassy, well-produced and full of attitude which is what we all loved about the track Focus Pon Me from ‘Shontelligence’. Also from the “dancefloor vixen”, comes ‘Helpless’, a song with a catchy chorus and a rather peculiar comparison… “Helpless, just like a baby”. One of the most talked about people who has worked on the record is No Doubt’s Tony Kanal, who gave Shon a hand with ‘Kiss You Up’. This track reminds me a little of Jason DeRulo’s What If and is great use of Shontelle’s distinct vocals, accompanied by a soothing beat.

And yes.. You read that right… One of the tracks – in fact the last song – on the album is a T-Shirt remix.. Now we all fell in love with T-Shirt back in 2008 when it provided Shontelle with a pedestal for interantional success but 2 years later, in my opinion, we shouldn’t carry on associating Shontelle with her debut hit single which is actually no longer her best-seller. This is a massive error made by the label and wastes valuable space on the CD. Also, the remix does not differ hugely from the original so I cannot really find a point in its presence, especially seeing as though it has been chosen as the last song.

Now I can’t stress enough that the reasoning behind having such a short album is NOT because of a lack of material. Shontelle has spent absolutely ages working her butt off and recording demos and songs for the album and many great songs have not made the cut, most importantly, Licky (Under The Covers) and You Don’t Have The Right. The lack of Licky especially surprises me seeing as though it was chosen to be the lead single before Impossible and a high-budget video was created with VMA-winning director Ray Kay. Licky was not totally appreciated by the critics and some of the fans. However, even though it probably was the right decision to scrap it and leave it for the clubs and a bit of promotion, it defined the start of the ‘No Gravity’ era and it would seem unfair to leave it off the CD, especially seeing as though it has one of the catchiest hooks known to man and I consider it to be stronger than some tracks that have already been confirmed. You Don’t Have The Right, also left off the album, was an epic ballad shown to the fans via uStream. It was written with Diane Warren who has already written a smash hit for Shontelle – Stuck With Eachother. This song quickly turned into a fan-favourite after its premiere and a certainty for the album so it seems strange that this is not present on the tracklisting.

Now, I guess it isn’t that bad because apparently, there will be a bonus track edition with the Impossible remix as well as Licky (Under The Covers).. Here’s hoping it will get a UK release!

‘No Gravity’ was one of the most anticipated albums of the year and had so much potential but I can’t help but feel a little let down by the label for first of all, creating an album that is only 2 songs longer than the amount of songs Lady Gaga added onto the re-release of ‘The Fame’, but also not choosing the tracklisting wisely or really listening to what the fans have to say. I think perhaps their motif was to try and please the critics in the best way possible but this was not the correct way of going about it. However, that said, this album has brought out already 2 immense singles: Impossible and Perfect Nightmare, and has also proved to the Shontelle fans that she is evolving and improving as an artist. I am really looking forward to buying this album and seeing how well it does in the charts very soon. I wish all the best of luck to Shontelle and to everything that she does in the future. Not only has she been an amazing artist, but also an amazing person on a personal level so for that I applaud her and I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

P.S. Nothing is IMPOSSIBLE